Model 111 Shave Tool

The Model 111 Shave Tool has been engineered by CJWinter® for a single purpose: to assure outstanding quality in every piece you shave.

And now with a new lower profile than its predecessor (the Model 108 Shave Tool) the Model 111 also allows for increased clearance between the 2nd and 3rd positions

The Model 111 features increased rigidity over the boxway slide to reduce chatter. High-performance coatings offer increased wear life for running surfaces. Additional features include:

  • 1/2″ or 5/8″ dovetail tooling
  • Reduced height by 1/2″ compared to the Model 108
  • Clamping dovetail on roll holder brackets
  • Running dovetail with expansion gib
  • Micro taper adjust mechanism with a .0001″ change in diameter for every “click” on taper adjust screw

Modular mounting configurations are designed specifically for a Davenport Machine. Standard size 1″ fits 3/4″ diameter machines such as lathes, mills, Davenports and many others.

111-01 Shave Tool Assembly

111-01 Shave Tool Assembly
LabelQuantityPart NumberDescription
11Setup SpecificSee *111-20 or *111-21 Below
21111000Matched Assembly
31111014Body Pin
41111015Adjusting Screw
51111058Running Expansion Gib Assembly
62111062.125 Stainless Steel Ball
71108046Dovetail Clamp – 1/2 & 5/8 Reversible
81108011Spring: Compression, .300 OD x 1.000
91108017SSS, 7/16-20 x .500
101108018Stop Adjusting Screw
111108019Nut Jam ¼ – 20
122108023SHCS ¼ – 28 x .625
132141368SSS #8-32 x .250 Cup Pt.
141Shave Tool InsertSetup Specific – Not Included

111-20 Center Roll Holder Assembly

111-20 Center Roll Holder Assembly
LabelQuantityPart NumberDescription
11111120Roll Holder – Center
21108047Roller Pin, Centered
31108009Roller – .750 Diameter
42108054Shaft Collar
51108024SSS #6-40 x .125 Long

111-21 Inboard Roll Bracket Assembly

111-21 Inboard Roll Bracket Assembly
LabelQuantityPart NumberDescription
11111121Roll Holder – Inboard
21108015Roller Pin, Centered
31108054Shaft Collar
41108009Roller – .750 Diameter
52108024SSS #6-40 x .125 Long
61108055SSS #6-32 x .188 Long

Quick-Change Adapter

The Model 111 is also available with a Quick-Change adapter plate, which includes a full-width adapter plate that never needs to be removed. Additional features include: