Burnishing Rolls

Burnishing Rolls

Burnishing rolls are manufactured holding extremely tight tolerances with polished surfaces to produce mirror-like finishes on your part.

When burnishing, the pressure generated by the rolls exceeds the yield point of the part surface at the point of contact, resulting in a slight deformation on the surface of the work piece.

Since most machined surfaces consist of a series of peaks and valleys of inconsistent height, the deformation created by roller burnishing displaces the material from the peaks into the valleys creating a mirror like finish with a tough, work-hardened and wear resistant surface.

There are many factors that need to be reviewed prior to quote, including material ductility and tensile strength, surface finish prior to and after burnishing, and the diameter, length and shape of the part. Please contact our technical engineers and sales support to review your application.

How to Order Burnishing Rolls

When placing an order or requesting a quote, please have the following information available:


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