Precision, Quality, Versatility

Slides, Holders and Shave Tools

CJWinter provides a full line of slides, tool holders and shave tools for CNC turning centers, Swiss, multi-spindle, and many other machines.


CJWinter tool slides perform with superior precision and rigidity, eliminating chatter while making deeper and wider cuts.



We've been manufacturing quality Davenport Tool Holders for over 25 years. No one can match our experience or prices on the most popular tool holders in the market.


Shave Tools

CJWinter shave tools are more versatile and module than other tools on the market. Our shave tools provide for close tolerances and reduced chatter on the work piece.

Our slides and tool holders feature innovative design that delivers:
Get the high-quality product you expect from CJWinter with performance you can rely on. Our versatile line of products offer quick mounting, easy adjustment, and solid, hardened steel construction.
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