WF-1 Bump Type Rolls


Narrow width is required due to part configuration.

STANDARD: Dimensions as shown.

OPTIONAL: Bronze bushings, left hand threads, additional hub.

Use WF-1 and WF-2 in these holders:

B&S: 83-200
B&S: 83-120/84-100
B&S: 83-122/84-120
B&S: 84-122
Detroit: 309-4
Detroit: 309-5
Detroit: 309-6
Reed: A2-1210
Reed: A00-54
Reed: A00-86/A0-86
Reed: A0-108/A2-108
Salvo: SA-00
Salvo: SA-0/SB-00
Salvo: SA-2/SB-0
Salvo: SB-2


Model O.A.L. ID
WF-2-44 .250 .250
WF-2-54 .3125 .250
WF-2-66 .375 .375
WF-2-86 .500 .375
WF-2-88 .500 .500
WF-2-106 .625 .500
WF-2-1210 .750 .625

Working Face must be specified when ordering WF-2 style.

How to Order Thread Rolls

When placing an order or requesting a quote, please have the following information available:


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