Progressive Knurl Holders

The CJWinter Progressive Knurl Holder uses a skiving principle.

Because there is less side pressure required, slivering and flaking are minimal.

The holder is ideal for producing straight knurls on thin wall tubing, hollow parts, and long sections. A carbide pin is standard and is adjustable for taper. Units are available for most tool holders on screw machines or lathes. Thrust washers are supplied at each end of the knurl for free rolling action.

Knurls for the Progressive Knurl Holders are approximately 1 inch in diameter with a 30° helix angle.

  • In Figure 1, the overall length of the knurl is 3⁄4 inch and is used in the Davenport Tool Holder.
  • The type of holder in Figure 2 is used in Acmes, Warner Swasey screw machines and other multiple or single spindle lathes with cross slides. The overall length of the knurl is 1 inch. Knurls can be made with any face length, within the overall capacity, and to suit individual requirements for both Figure 1 and Figure 2.
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