11070 Series

Cold Root Rolling for Pipe Threads - Rotary Shouldered Connections

11070 Series – Internal Thread (BOX Connection) Style Tools



  • NC38 thur NC77
  • API 4 1/2″ thru 8 5/8″ Reg
  • API 3 1/2″ thur 6 5/8″ IF
  • API 5 1/2″ thru 6 5/8″ FH


“EPL® or “GP” Stule Cold Roll Wheels”
“EPL® 1.0″ OD x .375″ wide
GP 1.0″ ID x .375″ wide

Example Item Number:
11070-250-SA | 11070-250-GP

To learn more about cold root rolling on rotary-shouldered connections for drilling projects, visit us at http://www.coldrootrolling.com.

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