Engineering Bulletin: Use Easy Metal Flow Tooth Form to Eliminate Flaking

Learn how CJWinter's Easy Metal Flow Tooth Form eliminates flakes during the thread rolling process

Different materials have different forming characteristics during the thread rolling process. High sulfur, for example, can create flakes and slivers, thereby hindering the thread finish during cold forming.

The solution: Easy Metal Flow Tooth forms — a special form that concentrates forces at the root of the thread form, which helps plow material more efficiently during the cold form process. Ultimately, the increased and concentrated force minimizes, and in most cases eliminates, flakes from being produced when rolling brass, high sulfur, and other materials prone to flaking.


View the complete Engineering Bulletin below for more information about our Easy Metal Flow Tooth Forms and how to order them for your thread form.

APPLICATION: Help reduce or eliminate flaking of material sometimes produced in root of thread form when rolling parts made out brass material. This special form is available for most thread forms (US, Metric, Pipe Threads, etc.)

PROCESS: We design a special tooth form that increases and concentrates forces at root of thread form during thread rolling process. This concentrated force helps plow material more efficiently during cold form process to ultimately minimize and most cases eliminate flakes from being produced when rolling brass or other material prone to flacking.

AVAILABILITY: Simply specify "Easy Metal Flow Tooth Form" when ordering your thread rolls from CJWinter on our Request for Quote page and we will provide required geometry for this process at NO EXTRA CHARGE!


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