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From thread rolls and attachments to machine dies,
CJWinter offers custom solutions for your material forming needs.


“CJWinter is The World Leader in Thread Rolling Solutions”

- Solutions are our product

Why Choose CJWinter

Better Tools, Faster Turnaround

Get the high-quality product you expect from CJWinter with the performance you can rely on. Our tough products make CJWinter an easy choice.

“CJWinter provides a full-line of American-made slides and tool holders for CNC turning centers, Swiss, Multiple-Spindle, and many other machines.”

- Our Slides and Tool Holders Feature Innovative Design That Provides:

24-Hour Delivery

We ship 80% of our thread rolls in 24 hours.

Superior Quality

High-strength construction prolongs tool life and imparts improved surface finish.

Engineering Support

Get instant access to our team of highly qualified engineers.

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Try our NEW online thread rolling calculators! We offer a fast, easy way to verify your thread rolling requirements!



Pitch & Blank Diameter Calculator


Penetration Rate Calculator

Determine the penetration rate needed when rolling a thread


Rolling Metal Calculator

Material Thread Rollability Calculator


Thread Roll Calculator

See whether or not a material can be thread rolled using our attachments



It's What We Do...It's ALL WE DO.

CJWinter manufactures thread rolls not only for our premier line of attachments, but also to fit attachments for all manufacturers, including Fette, Reed, Landis, Salvo, and Detroit.

need thread rolling attachment parts?

CJWinter carries a complete inventory of parts for our attachments to get you back up and running in no time.

We provide free evaluations!

Our rebuild department ensures a quick evaluation process, detailed quotes, expert repairs, and a prompt return.

When you get it back, it’ll work like a brand-new attachment – that’s our guarantee. 

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Discover how CJWinter can be your industry’s thread rolling solution.




Oil & Gas



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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the Industry Roll Model:
CJWinter® is the industry leader in thread rolling solutions for CNC, multi-spindle, Swiss, and Hydromat® applications. When you need durability, flexibility, and reliability … we cover the full spectrum of your thread rolling needs.

100% complete interchangeability on replacement parts, no time spent on retrofitting.

We offer on-line support, engineering support, and scheduled on-site training. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction!

CJWinter Thread Rolls are delivered FAST! We offer 2-Day delivery, the FASTEST Deliveries in the Industry!

Get the high-quality product you expect form CJWinter with performance you can rely on. You just can’t find a more versatile line of products that provide quick mounting, easy adjustment, and solid, hardened steel construction.

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