CJWinter Wins PMPA’s Technical Member Participation Award

At CJWinter, we’re proud to be part of a vibrant manufacturing community — and we’re equally proud to maintain active membership in various industry associations. From the American Petroleum Institute (API) to the Business Council of New York State, Inc., we hold memberships across a range of prominent groups.

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Proper Tooling & Gauges to Thread Roll Pre-Plate Parts Efficiently for External Threads

A guide to the proper tooling and gauges required for efficiently thread rolled pre plate parts.

It is important when manufacturing component parts to take into account the correct plating requirements.  Having knowledge of the specific plating specifications as well as making allowances to the thread rolls and gages are critical in producing a functional thread. Below are some important things to consider that will ultimately allow you to run pre-plate parts efficiently.
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Engineering Bulletin: Thread Gaging

All threaded fasteners, fittings and connectors must be measured using accurate gaging methods to ensure the highest quality.

Blank specifications vary on straight threads and tapered pipe threads. When rolling a straight thread, machine the part's blank diameter to the maximum pitch diameter - .002 inch. Roll the thread until the pitch diameter is within specification — between the pitch diameter's maximum and minimum — and adjust the blank diameter until the major diameter is within specification — between the major diameter's maximum and minimum.

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