What is thread rolling?

Thread rolling is a metal forging process that forms threads into the mirror image of a roller die. The process is different from metal cutting, grinding, and chasing because it does not remove any metal from the workpiece. Instead, thread rolling uses hardened steel dies to displace and mold ductile metals. The high-pressure process physically changes the properties of rolled metal parts to make the base part and the threads harder and stronger. 

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Quality Thread Rolls for Major Manufacturers

In these unprecedented times, and their ever-changing, always-challenging impact on manufacturing and supply chain, CJWinter would like to let you know that while supremely focused on safeguarding the health and welfare of our workforce, we remain committed to providing superior customer & partner services. We continue to produce the highest quality thread rolls with unparalleled delivery times.

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CJWinter Manufacturing Thread rolls for premier line attachments and for all manufacturers

As published in Fastener Technology International August/September 2018

CJWinter manufactures thread rolls not only for their premier line of attachments but they also make thread rolls to fit attachments for all manufacturers

If your thread rolling operation includes the use of replacement rolls CJWinter thread rolls should be your product of choice. CJWinter manufactures thread rolls not only for their premier line of attachments but they also make thread rolls to fit attachments for all manufacturers, including Fette, Davenport, Landis, Reed, Detroit, and Salvo. We can produce standard and special tooth forms. We do this in days vs. weeks,  have great customer service, our thread roll quality is comparable and in many cases better than other manufacturers, all at a very competitive price. When you require flexibility and reliability for your thread rolling, CJWinter is here to help. 80% of CJWinter thread rolls ship within 24 hours!

View the Thread Rolls for Major Manufacturers Conversion Chart for more information. If you don't see the thread rolls you need, please contact one of our Sales Engineers. CJWinter can manufacture any cylindrical roll up to 8.00 inches in diameter, we have more than a half century of leading edge technology, in house heat treating, service and quality to offer to our partners. With our new coatings and proprietary materials we can extend your die life while lowering your costs - resulting in increased profits.

CJWinter is the industry leader in thread rolling solutions for CNC, multi-spindle, Swiss and Hydromat® applications. Whether your parts are as tough as stainless steel, or as soft as brass, we are the leading U.S. supplier of thread rolling attachments, thread rolls, and specialty dies. CJWinter is also a licensed MAThread supplier - able to provide the MAThread form on any cylindrical roll we produce.

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CJWinter Machine Technologies | 167 Ames Street | Rochester, NY 14611 USA | 800.288.ROLL (7655)| f: 585.429.5095 | e: sales@cjwinter.com

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Engineering Bulletin: How to Keep Attachments Running Efficiently

Protecting your assembly from moisture and debris is critical to avoid leaks and contamination.

Over CJWinter’s 60 years of experience in the industry, we’ve identified a number of ways to keep thread rolling attachments running efficiently. Let’s look at an airline assembly as an example.

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