Cylindrical / Machine Dies

CJWinter manufactures the premier line of machine dies and tooling.

We now manufacture both Helical and Annular machine dies in various styles for your thread rolling machine, including Through-Feed, Double-Taper, Speed-Up, Plunge, and Slow-Up.

CJWinter also offers overhung die holders and double support die holders for both straight threads and taper pipe threads.

Die Materials


Moderate toughness and intermediate wear resistance. Supplied on dies for machine screw threads.


General-purpose cold work die offering twice the toughness of D2 with superior wear resistance and higher fatigue strength.


High-speed steel with excellent toughness and wear resistance. Optimal for cold work dies.


Super high-speed tool steel designed for machining high-strength and pre-hardened steels and nonferrous alloys. Ideal for aerospace and oil and gas industries.


Other materials available upon request. Contact us for details.

Edge Finish


30°, 45°, or 60° Chamfer Angles


R3 Radius Root Chamfer or Custom Chamfer Angles

When rolling, the recommended angle on each side of the blank diameter is 30° from the axis of the part.

A 30° chamfer will give an approximate 45°angle after rolling. For harder materials, a lower chamfer angle (25° to 28°) is preferred so thread roll life is not compromised.


To order a special chamfer or edge finish, please specify the chamfer angle and length.


Die Holders for A22 and A23 Machines

Manufacturer Machine Model Spindle Diameter Max. Die O.D. Max. Die Width


H12 54mm 170mm 130mm
H30 69.85mm 220mm 260mm

Fritz Werner

PEE WEE P5 40mm 120mm 38mm
PEE WEE P12 54mm 195mm 130mm
PEE WEE P15 69.85mm 200mm 160mm
PEE WEE P20 54mm 195mm 160mm
PEE WEE P24 69.85mm 195mm 150mm
PEE WEE P25 69.85mm 195mm 150mm


RSC300 54mm 160mm 120mm
RSC300H 54mm 220mm 200mm


MC-5-F 1½" 4" 2½"
MC-5-F 2" 4 3/8" 2½" or 3½"
MC-25-F 2" 6" 4½"
MC-50 3" 9½" 7"


LAN-NU-ROL 1½" 2 3/8" 4½"
LAN-HY-ROL 3" 8 5/8" 6"
32TFRI 3" 8 5/8" 6"


FA-3S 26.05mm 60mm 30mm
FA-5S 40mm 100mm 50mm
FA-10 54mm 140mm 80mm
FA-16 54mm 160mm 180mm

ORT Italia

3RP8 28mm 80mm 150mm
3RP15 40mm 175mm 80mm
18B 54mm 185mm 150mm
3RP42 69.85mm 215mm 150mm
RP50 80mm 215mm 150mm


B112 2 1/8" 6" 3 1/8"
B210 2 1/8" 5½" 3 1/8"
B220 2 1/8" or 2¾" 7 7/8" 5 15/16"
B230 3 1/8" 11¾" 11¾"
B250 3 5/16" or 3 15/16" 11¾" 9 7/8"


D25E 40mm 125mm 50.8mm
D30 40mm 100mm 60.325mm
D40 40mm 120mm 70mm
D44H 40mm 120mm 80mm
D50H 54mm 170mm 101.6mm
D75B 54mm 170mm 158.75mm


NO 1 2 ¾" 5 ¼" 3"


175 1 ¼" 4 ½" 2 ½"
200 Various 5" 3 ¼"
215 1 ½" 6" 4 ½"
320 Various 8" 5 ½"
425 3" 8" 8"


5D 54mm 150mm 60mm
T-ROL6 (A5D) 54mm 149mm 60mm
T-ROL15 (15D) 54mm 180mm 150mm
T-ROL20 (20D) 70mm 200mm 180mm
T-ROL25 (25D) 85mm 210mm 300mm

 CJWinter has proven that speedy delivery, flawless quality and competitive prices can all be delivered simultaneously for our machine dies.

Our team of dedicated engineers focuses on solving every customer’s thread rolling and machine die challenges. Our specialty is providing superior products in the industries shortest lead time.

From CJWinter, you get:

  • Half a century of leading-edge service to the machining industry
  • Individual attention
  • Superior service
  • Flexibility
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Innovation and quality
  • Intensive hands-on training and experience

We understand what you need, and are able to customize jobs to meet your exact specifications.

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