CJWinter manufactures the premier line of thread rolling attachments, thread rolls, specialty dies and tooling for multi-spindle and CNC machines.

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What to Look for in a Thread Rolling Company

Since the company’s incorporation in 1956, the team at CJWinter developed a reputation for the fast and efficient production of thread rolled products. Our top priority is giving customers a competitive advantage, which we do by leveraging experienced engineers, superior customer support, and online resources.

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CJWinter is Awarded the PMPA Technical Membership Chairman’s Award

Every year, the PMPA Technical Membership Chairman’s award is given to the outgoing Chairman in gratitude for his or her exceptional leadership and service throughout the year. We are proud to say that this year, CJWinter’s own Liberato Pietrantoni received the award for his work in this role. It was a great year for PMPA and our company, and we’re happy to have worked closely with this organization.

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PMPA Member CJWinter Finds Success in Superior Customer Service and Quick Turnaround Times 

CJWinter began as a supporting manufacturer for Davenport screw machines. Over the years however, the company has expanded its product offerings to include a complete line of thread-rolling dies, both for internal use and for other manufacturers, and has found great success due to a passion for excellent customer service. CJWinter is also a member of PMPA and continues to benefit from the organization’s networking opportunities, wealth of information and access to educational materials.

CJWinter's success story has recently been featured in a Production Machining Magazine article:

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Missed the National Tech Conference?   Join CJWinter in Ohio

After recently presenting at the 2016 PMPA National Technical Conference, CJWinter will now head to northern Ohio to share thread rolling troubleshooting tips.

CJWinter will join PMPA's Northern Ohio Chapter on May 10, 2016, for an "All Things Threading" session in Brecksville, Ohio. 

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Engineering Bulletin: Extra Tooth Height Form

CJWinter designs a special tooth form that allows more material to be rolled into the root of the roll and a sharper crest on the part.

For US and Metric threads, this delivers additional adjustability between the major and pitch diameter specifications.

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Why Are More Manufacturers Choosing Thread Rolling?

More manufacturers in the automotive, fastener, plumbing, aerospace and other industries are choosing thread rolling over the traditional thread cutting process.

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CJWinter to Exhibit at 2016 PMPA National Technical Conference

The CJWinter team is gearing up for Grand Rapids, MI, where PMPA will hold its 2016 National Technical Conference from April 9 – 12.

CJWinter will join over 70 technical and quality leaders from across the country to showcase the latest technology in precision machining. Visit our booth during the technical members exhibit from 4:30pm to 7pm on April 10 to grab a brochure or catalog, see some of the latest tools in our product line, or speak to a member of our highly qualified engineering team.

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New Website Offers Instant Data for Thread Rolling Solutions

CJWinter has pioneered the thread rolling sector throughout our 60 years in the industry. Today, we are proud to introduce our latest innovation: a brand new website with instant data and a streamlined ordering process.

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Engineering Bulletin: Use Easy Metal Flow Tooth Form to Eliminate Flaking

Learn how CJWinter's Easy Metal Flow Tooth Form eliminates flakes during the thread rolling process

Different materials have different forming characteristics during the thread rolling process. High sulfur, for example, can create flakes and slivers, thereby hindering the thread finish during cold forming.

The solution: Easy Metal Flow Tooth forms — a special form that concentrates forces at the root of the thread form, which helps plow material more efficiently during the cold form process. Ultimately, the increased and concentrated force minimizes, and in most cases eliminates, flakes from being produced when rolling brass, high sulfur, and other materials prone to flaking.

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