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When your only product is socket set screws and your primary customers are the demanding aerospace and military markets, quality and uptime are paramount.

CASE STUDIESYour multi-spindle machines need to be completely reliable and easily reconfigured to produce a new part at a moment’s notice. That’s why Cam-Tech Industries, Inc. of Fairport, New York recently started using CJWinter’s Model 190 End Rolling Attachment for their thread rolling applications.

Cam-Tech produces an average of 500,000 set screws a week with diameters ranging from 0.060″ to 5/8″. The Model 190 allows the company the reliability and flexibility they need to meet and exceed their customers’ rigorous expectations.

“CJWinter is able to produce rolls that are consistently on-spec and always work well.” said Rick Vice, Cam-Tech’s vice president of manufacturing and quality control. “We were very excited when they developed the 190 head, which we’ve been using for more than four months without a problem. “Winter’s new Model 190 head was designed to circumvent two major problems that cause productivity problems for users of other heads, according to Vice.

“With some heads, chips can interfere or damage the thread rolls, causing downtime and maintenance problems,” he said. “Winter developed a one-piece front plate that protects the thread rolls by keeping chips out allowing our uptime to continue to improve.”

“The other major innovation is the carbide bushings as a standard feature; other suppliers charged extra for them. The bushing eliminates the problem of needle bearings wearing unevenly and causing inconsistency in the thread. And, with the single bushing, it is much easier to access when you need to replace them.”

Vice also likes the fact that the Model 190 head can easily accommodate other manufacturers’ thread rolls. However, Cam-Tech has switched to using CJWinter rolls primarily because of their price, reliability, quality and delivery.

“Whenever we have a challenge, Winter is really willing to work with us,” Vice said. “I’d recommend that anyone go to CJWinter first. Their new 190 head has performed flawlessly for us and their responsiveness to our needs is excellent.” Their product quality and pricing is also very competitive. I look forward to working with them to achieve our goal – the ‘perfect-as-possible’ thread.”

Learn more about the Model 190 attachment and our complete ER Series of end rolling attachments in our online catalog.