New CNC Machines and Thread Grinding Capability At CJWinter

CJWinter is proud to announce the installation of several new seven-axis computer numerical controlled (CNC) grinding machines in our facility.  

At CJWinter, we work diligently to keep up with our clientele’s needs. We took a pulse, and discovered that one of the coveted services we had yet to provide was in the realm of machining; you needed thread grinding services for ball and lead screws.

We have installed new CNC grinders that are built to produce the highest quality ground ball screws and leads screws available on the market. We initially had to make the choice between offering machined (rolled) ball and lead screws or ground ball and lead screws. While machined ball and lead screws were viable due to their lower costs, we knew that to continue to provide the highest quality product, ground screws were the way to go.  

thread griding image 2.png

CJWinter’s new CNC grinding equipment provides cleaner and more precise ground ball and lead screws for several reasons; here are a few highlights:

  • Incredibly tight tolerances (as small as +/- .0000005 inches)!
  • A wide range of dimensions for both screw diameter and length
    • .250 in. to 8.00 in. ODF
    • 00 in. to 13.00 in. Length
  • Threads for ballscrew, leadscrew, jackscrew, and metering screw threads
  • Inctricate forms with small radii (ie: helical and annular forms)
To learn more about what our CNC machines can provide for your Ball and Lead Screw needs click below: 

Discover CJWinter's State-of-the-Art Thread Grinding Capabilities >>

Lib has been with the Brinkman International Group, Inc. for the last 30 years. Currently the Director of Global Sales, Lib has held numerous positions in Engineering, Operations, Sales and Product Management with CJWinter and its manufacturing divisions. Lib is a member and has served on governing boards for the Society of Automotive Engineers, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Precision Machine Products Association.

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