New Website Offers Instant Data for Thread Rolling Solutions

CJWinter has pioneered the thread rolling sector throughout our 60 years in the industry. Today, we are proud to introduce our latest innovation: a brand new website with instant data and a streamlined ordering process.


The new website includes an online catalog with rich details about tools, including CAD drawings and specifications. In addition, you’ll find:

  • Streamlined Navigation and Ordering — The new layout makes it simple to find information and order products you need for your equipment. With easier and faster ordering capabilities, you can get the parts you need in just a few clicks.
  • Streamlined Design — Browse thread rolls, review industry applications, or research troubleshooting tips — everything is fully accessible from the home page.
  • Mobile-Friendly — We know you need to access information at any time and from any location. CJWinter’s new site is completely mobile-friendly, so you can access all information on your tablet, phone, or PC.
  • Updated Resources and Catalogs We’ve updated more than just our website. All of the resources and catalogs that our customers rely on have been updated to reflect our latest products and technology.

Take a Tour of the New Website

No matter what thread rolling equipment or supplies you’re looking for, our new website will help you to find them. Whether you’re searching for multi-spindle, CNC, Swiss, Rotary Transfer (Hydromat) or Thread Rolling Machines (Tesker, Kinefac, A22) thread rolling solutions, the CJWinter team has you covered.

Visit us at today to check out our latest site design, product listings, and other digital resources.

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CJWinter manufactures the premier line of thread rolling attachments, thread rolls, specialty dies and tooling for multi-spindle and CNC machines.

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